how to get widgets on iphone

How to Get Widgets on iPhone

Getting widgets for your iPhone can be a fun way to customize your phone’s home screen. There are several different ways to do it, but the main trick is to use widgets created by third-party applications. You can use tools like GoodTask or Widgetsmith to create custom widgets that are designed specifically for your iPhone.


Among the many apps available for the iPhone, GoodTask is a solid choice. This task management app integrates with iOS Reminders and Calendars to provide a complete task listing on the fly. GoodTask boasts features like custom widgets, shortcuts and syncing. GoodTask is also available on the iPad and Android devices.

The GoodTask widgets are a neat and tidy way to store tasks. The app uses iOS Reminders as its backend and shows the data on a day, week or month basis. The app also features a universal keyboard shortcut for adding events. The widgets are customizable to display anything and everything from a list of tasks to a list of tags to a list of projects. The app also offers some useful ancillary features including a widget that displays the top read on your screen.

The most impressive feature of the GoodTask widgets is the fact that the app syncs tasks between your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. As with other apps in the GoodTask family, the app provides fast and reliable syncing and can be configured to send tasks to other GoodTask users on the same Wi-Fi network. The app also offers some of the most advanced features in the mobile task management space, including the ability to set up recurring tasks and share tasks with other GoodTask users. The app is free and offers a number of useful features including collaboration and email interaction.

The GoodTask widgets are also worth mentioning in the context of the other widgets on your iPhone’s home screen. The App Store has a plethora of third-party apps available, but one of the best is the Documents app, which lets you access almost anything you need. The app is free and allows you to create custom widgets to display your most important information in a sleek and functional way. The widgets can be configured to rotate based on usage. The app also features some useful ancillary features such as the ability to show you a list of your emails and calendar events at a glance.

America’s most awaited dictionary

Whether you’re studying for an exam or looking for a quick way to improve your vocabulary, the American Heritage English Dictionary is a must have on your iOS device. It’s one of the best mobile resources for vocabulary building, and it’s also one of the most comprehensive. It includes hundreds of words, illustrations, and zoomable graphics, along with real time progressive lookup, internal hyperlinking, and external linking.

The dictionary may not be a household name, but it’s been a household name for decades. It’s also a big name in the lexicon-making it one of the most popular dictionary apps on the iOS App Store. It’s not a fancy app by any means, but it does a lot. It’s a great tool for students, especially when it comes to identifying and spelling out complicated words and phrases. It also has a small database of only 10MB, making it one of the most compact dictionaries on the app store.

The dictionary app also enables users to configure custom themes. This is especially handy for people with visual disabilities. For those with VoiceOver enabled, the app also allows you to read dictionary definitions in a high-quality Text-to-Speech format.

The dictionary app also features a number of other high-tech features, like a search-as-you-type tool and a conjugation engine for thousands of verbs. It also features a number of impressive graphics and animations, including a zoomable map of the US. It even supports Apple Watch.

In the end, the American Heritage English Dictionary is a worthy choice for vocabulary building, especially when it comes to the more obscure language. While you may not find many words in the dictionary, you’ll find hundreds of synonyms and antonyms, a handy word search, and a number of cool features, such as a real-time progressive lookup, internal hyperlinking, and an external linking feature. It may be a bit on the heavy side, but it weighs in at the same as the iDevice, so it’s definitely worth the tradeoff.

The American Heritage Dictionary is the best app for vocabulary building. It’s also one of the best apps for English language reference, and it even has a number of features that aren’t found in other similar dictionaries.

Soor music player

Using Soor music player widgets on iPhone is a great way to customize your home screen. The app is fully customizable and offers a number of widgets for you to choose from. These widgets show you what you’ve been listening to, and they can also promote new releases.

Soor’s Now Playing widget displays the name of the current track you’re listening to. It also shows you what’s up next, and the playback controls. You can choose to have it show artwork. Soor also offers a custom light mode, which is one of the best effects I’ve seen in an iOS app.

Soor is a third-party app that’s designed to enhance the Apple Music experience. Its focus is music discovery. It allows users to search through their entire library, or they can select items from Apple Music. Users can also create custom playlists.

Soor also offers users the ability to create “Magic Mixes” of music. These mixes are generated on the fly. They’re based on songs, and they’re generated in a similar manner to a Smart Playlist. They’re created in a subset of sources, and you can add them to Soor’s “Home” section. These mixes can be played instantly.

In addition to its widgets, Soor also has a number of gestures. You can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to like a song, and you can pull to the right to access the search function. These gestures take up space on the screen, so they’re not always easy to use.

The Soor app also received two new features in 2013. These were a custom navigation bar and circular Lock Screen widgets. Both took about two months to implement.

Soor’s interface is fully customizable, and it’s also got a dark mode. The widgets come in a variety of sizes. They can be small or large, and they’re customizable to show your favorite artists or the tracks you’ve played recently. You can also hide metadata text.

Overall, Soor is a great music player app. It has a user-friendly interface, and its widgets are very useful.


Getting widgets on iPhone with Widgetsmith is a very easy process. You can add them to your home screen, customize them, and then save them. Widgetsmith is very easy to use, and it is one of the best apps for creating custom widgets.

The app comes with three calendar widgets pre-loaded. You can customize the size, color, font, and tint of these widgets. You can also choose a photo from your camera roll to use as the background of a widget. Using a photo is one of the most aesthetic parts of creating a customized home screen on the iPhone.

Widgetsmith is a free app that offers a large variety of widgets. You can create small, medium, or large widgets. It also offers widgets that can be timed. These widgets can be set to appear for a certain amount of time, such as an hour, two hours, or three hours.

Getting widgets on iPhone with Widgetsmith has never been easier. Just download the app, and you can start making your own widgets. Then, you can start customizing them. You can add widgets to your home screen, change the colors and fonts, and even set a time for the widgets. You can also add a widget to an Activity Ring.

WidgetSmith is compatible with iOS 14. The app will not work on older versions. You can find it in the App Store. It has several premium features, including custom widgets, the ability to create and save your own themes, and more. You can disable Widgetsmith, if you want. It requires a few permissions to function, though.

To get widgets on iPhone with Widgetsmith, you’ll need to allow the app to access the information it needs to work. This can be done in the iPhone Settings menu. You’ll also need to allow WidgetSmith to sync with other apps. You can also change the color of the border of a widget. It is possible to customize the widget’s size and font, but some widgets have preset sizes and colors.

When using Widgetsmith, you’ll receive a pop-up. You’ll also be able to change the name of a widget. The app can be used without the pre-loaded themes, if you prefer.

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