what disease does the king have in house of dragon

Game of Thrones – What Disease Does the King Have in House of Dragon?

The show has hinted at the king’s illness in previous episodes, and the latest episode preview suggests that King Viserys is dying. But what is Viserys dying of? And why is his arm rotting? Here are some theories to help you figure out what is ailing Viserys.

Why is King Viserys rotting?

If you have watched Game of Thrones, you’ve noticed a huge sore on King Viserys’ back. He’s also coughing violently and losing patches of hair. He also has diarrhoea quite often. There are several theories for Viserys’ deteriorating condition, but one theory is that he is suffering from leprosy. This infectious disease affects the skin and nerves, causing a person to lose the ability to feel certain parts of the body. The disease slowly destroys Viserys’ health and destroys various parts of his body. It eventually destroys his arm and destroys one of his eyeballs.

While there is no definite explanation for King Viserys’ illness, the House of the Dragon has a theory. A bacterial infection causes a rapid decomposition of the skin and muscle tissues. The disease can spread through cuts, scrapes, and burns. Viserys is shown with this disease in Season 1 of the show, but we don’t know for sure if it is leprosy.

Did King Viserys have greyscale?

The disease was infamous in the Free Cities and occasionally spread to Westeros and Essos. It was contracted by Shireen while living on the Dragonstone island, and there have also been cases of it on the opposite western shore of the continent. It is also said to have caused the death of Balon Greyjoy’s elder brother Harlon, who was murdered by his uncle Euron out of cruelty.

Greyscale is a mysterious disease that causes flesh to become hard and crack. The skin turns a mottled black and feels stone-like. The condition is similar to leprosy, but the symptoms are different. In the series, Greyscale was a condition that was spread through contact with contaminated objects or by direct contact with people. In the books and games, Greyscale is known as Prince Garin’s curse, and it is usually fatal to those who suffer from it.

Greyscale is a disease that affects children living in cold climates. It leaves flesh flaking, cracking, and hard to touch. It was first mentioned in the HBO Viewer’s Guide of Season 4. However, the disease wasn’t identified until Season 5’s episode 2, “The House of Black and White”. In the books and on TV, fans speculated that Daemon Targaryen may have contracted the disease during his battle with Crabfeeder.

What is wrong with King Viserys arm?

The iron throne in Game of Thrones is made up of a thousand swords, but King Viserys has cut his hand on it. Viserys’ hand is infected and maesters are forced to attempt gruesome therapies. However, none of them work and Viserys dies.

King Viserys’s illness has been developing steadily throughout the show. His condition has led to him losing two fingers and having a sore on his arm. Although the House of the Dragon has yet to name the illness, fans have come up with their own theories. Some fans believe it is a form of necrotizing fasciitis.

Despite the severity of the wound, Viserys’ health has deteriorated over time. His arm has become a large sore on his back, he has a coughing fit almost every day, and he seems to be aging faster than his other characters.

Why are all Targaryens immune to fire?

There is a long-standing theory that Targaryens are immune to fire. The question is, are they? One theory suggests that the Targaryens are immune to fire because they were prophesied saviors. But this is not necessarily true. One major character in the series, Aerion Targaryen, died after drinking wildfire because he thought it would turn him into a dragon. In the show, Daemon and Caraxes survive the flames without dying. This was enough to spark the theory that Targaryens are immune. However, George RR Martin clarifies that this was not the case.

Another theory suggests that the Targaryens died in dragon fire. This theory was suggested by several episodes of the show. For example, in the first season of Game of Thrones, Prince Aerion died in a wildfire, and Jamie Lannister argued that Mad King Aerys II thought the same thing. This could explain why he installed wildfire caches at King’s Landing.

Why is Viserys missing fingers?

It is not yet clear exactly why Viserys is missing his fingers. The episodes suggest that the king is suffering from an unidentified illness. Viserys’ finger amputation was first mentioned in the first episode, where the maesters attempted to heal Viserys’ back wound by cauterization. However, the maesters’ methods failed to stop Viserys’ infection, so they advised him to amputate his fingers.

The injury may be an indication of a judgment. It happened after Viserys’ decision to let his wife die to save his son. This could be interpreted as a judgment on him for not thinking things through properly, or it could be a judgment against his council members. In either case, the finger was most likely cut by an iron throne.

Another theory posits that Viserys is suffering from greyscale. This disease causes discoloration and can affect the skin. Viserys’ finger discoloration in Game of Thrones is similar to greyscale, but it is not contagious.

Why was Viserys not a true dragon?

In the first season of Game of Thrones, King Viserys was crowned king. He was the grandson of King Aerys II. His father was Prince Baelon Targaryen. He had three sons, including Aegon. Unfortunately, Baelon died before his son reached his first birthday. Viserys and his wife, Alicent, had three more children. Viserys dies in his chambers from natural causes, but his eldest son, Aegon, is seized by Queen Alicent.

As the heir to the Iron Throne, Viserys grew up in a patriarchal society. He left his wife Rhaenyra to die so that he could have a male heir. However, after his son’s and wife’s deaths, he began to question his patriarchal values.

While Viserys was a biological dragon, he was not a true dragon. Viserys was killed in a fire incident, despite his claim that he had full fire resistance. In addition to being killed by fire, Viserys warned Daenerys to stay away from him.

Why can’t Dany get pregnant?

The penultimate episode of Season 7 dealt with the subject of Dany’s infertility. Dany’s miscarriage had left her feeling that she would never be able to bear children. She also believed that the prophecy by Mirri Maz Duur had cursed her. Because she is immature and has little critical thinking skills, she interprets the prophecy as a fact.

While we don’t know the cause of her infertility, we can speculate about the reasons. During her teenage years, she became pregnant but then miscarried. Her hormones were probably out of whack. She also ceased to menstruate, which might be a sign of infertility.

Despite the evidence, Daenerys’ miscarriage was not a result of the disease, as her conception was based on a different premise. She believes that she was cursed by an angry woman, Mirri Maz Duur. She’s a stubborn woman who refuses to accept reality.

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