The Economy of Spain

The economy of Spain consists of various sectors, each with different contributions to the overall economy. These sectors include Catalonia, Industry, Services and Tourism. The following is a brief overview of these sectors. Those interested in further information should review the Wikipedia article on Spain’s economy. It includes information on Spain’s major cities and regions.


The recent crisis in Catalonia has put the region’s economy under serious strain. A disputed vote by the Catalan parliament to declare independence, declared illegal by Spain’s Constitutional Court, has left many companies and services in Catalonia struggling. The independence has also hit tourism and consumption, with the Bank of Spain warning that the economy could lose between 0.3 and 2.5 percentage points of GDP in 2018-19.

One of the main concerns is the possibility that Catalonia will be forced to assume the debts of the rest of Spain, and this could prolong the economic crisis. The region would also face significant transition costs. Since the region’s economy depends on exports to the rest of Spain, it could be difficult to reclaim its economy after a separation.

As for the future of the region, the central government’s actions will ensure that the tensions are high. This will impact business confidence and consumer spending, which could lead to companies moving out of the region. Meanwhile, tourism is another important growth driver.

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