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If you are considering buying a Shearwater dive computer, there are some things you should know. First, the Shearwater dive computer runs on the ZHL16C dive computer software. This software is similar to Ratio and OSTC divecomputers. These dive computers offer a huge amount of user configurability.

Who makes Shearwater dive computers?

There are a variety of Shearwater dive computers on the market. Some of them run on the renowned ZHL16C processor, while others use the Ratio or OSTC. Both offer massive user configurability. The Peregrine dive computer is a good example. It has a suggested retail price of $450, and has several features you’ll find useful.

Shearwater Research is a Canadian company that specializes in high-tech dive computers. The company has recently released the Peregrine dive computer, which is designed for the average diver. The Peregrine is easy to use and intuitive. Its affordable price tag allows for it to be used by novices as well as seasoned divers. While it’s capable of handling entry-level technical diving, it also has room for improvement.

The Shearwater Teric dive computer can be a great choice for recreational divers. Its sleek design and easy-to-read display make it ideal for technical and recreational divers alike. Its multifunction display allows it to switch between freedive mode and depth gauge mode. Its stainless steel buttons are easy to push and operate even with thick gloves.

Where are Shearwater dive computers made?

Shearwater dive computers are high-quality, technical dive computers. They are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada. The company was founded by technical diver Bruce Partridge in 2004. The company is ISO 9001-certified, so the computers meet international standards. The company has 72 employees. The company recently made the “Growth 500” list, a ranking of fastest-growing companies in Canada.

The company’s dive computers are user-friendly and incredibly robust. The popular Peregrine dive computer, for instance, is a beautifully designed wrist computer. It features a full color LED LCD display and can operate in air, nitrox and three gas nitrox gas. It is powered by the proven Buhlmann ZHL-C algorithm.

The Shearwater Peregrine dive computer is a multi-gas dive computer designed with a simple, full-colour user interface. Its dual-screen layout is easy to use and includes a full decompression planner. It can support up to 200 hours of dive logging, and has a depth rating of 120 meters. It is priced at $450 USD, and will be available for order July 23.

Is the Shearwater Peregrine worth it?

The Shearwater Peregrine is a compact, lightweight device that clips onto a BCD. It features a display that shows temperature, depth, and elapsed time. Its battery will last up to 30 hours when fully charged. It’s also compatible with most third-party Qi chargers.

The Shearwater Peregrine dive computer is priced at 520 euros. It is designed to be a personal dive computer for recreational divers. The device is environmentally friendly, with minimal packaging waste. The manufacturer also makes every effort to avoid harmful emissions from packaging materials.

Its price is very competitive and is a great choice for recreational divers. The unit has a variety of useful features and is easy to use. It is also very durable and reliable. For the price, it is one of the best console-style dive computers on the market.

The design of the Shearwater Peregrine dive computer is low-profile and features a large display. It also displays decompression time and depth, though it doesn’t provide information on oxygen levels. It is made of high-quality materials and features a silicone strap to keep it comfortable on the wrist. It has a great reputation with experienced divers and has proven to withstand a lot of difficult conditions.

What is a Shearwater in diving?

Shearwater’s line of dive computers has a variety of features that make them ideal for technical divers. One popular model is the Perix AI computer. This computer features an adjustable screen with a large display area, long battery life, and one penlite for long dives.

Shearwater dive computers run the ZHL16C algorithm, which calculates no-stop times and deco stops for tec and recreational diving. They also offer a bubble model, which was popular several years ago. This new model uses the latest NEDU study to calculate a diver’s time to the surface.

The interface of a Shearwater dive computer is similar to a Perdix set to recreational mode. The only difference is that the Peregrine features a wristband style strap, which is more common with recreational divers. In addition, the buttons are actual buttons, and not piezo switches.

How do you use the Shearwater dive computer?

The Shearwater dive computer is an innovative dive computer that combines functionality and usability. Its simple user interface makes it easy to navigate. It also has several options for brightness and color to customize the display. The user can also adjust the timer and digital compass displayed on the main screen.

The Shearwater computer comes with a rechargeable battery. When it is fully charged, the battery will last up to 30 hours on medium brightness. To recharge the unit, use the included USB wireless charging station. This station is smaller than the computer, so it’s easy to transport. The unit is also compatible with most third-party Qi chargers.

The Shearwater Peregrine dive computer has an easy-to-use interface that is aimed at recreational divers. Its display is big and colorful and has customizable settings. Unlike most dive computers, it has a two-button interface, which makes it more familiar to recreational divers. And unlike some other dive computers, the buttons are real buttons instead of piezo switches.

Are shearwaters nocturnal?

If you’re a beginner to technical diving, you may want to consider a Shearwater dive computer. These computers are capable of monitoring your breathing rate, skin temperature, and water temperature. They’re also ideal for introductory gas-switch support. They have a bright colour display and are easy to use with only two buttons. These dive computers are popular among technical divers.

The Shearwater Peregrine dive computer comes with dual dive modes and automatic altitude detection. It also monitors ambient pressure and uses this information for decompression calculations. This dive computer does not have an audio alarm, but uses vibration and visual notifications to alert divers when decompression is needed.

The Peregrine dive computer is the first Shearwater dive computer to be released in the sub-EUR1000 price range. Like the Teric, it is designed for the new generation of recreational divers. It has a user-friendly interface similar to an Apple MacBook Air. It also features 4 dive modes (recreational, nitrox, and XR Nitrox), and is reasonably light. Wireless charging capability is also included.

How deep can shearwaters go underwater?

The Perdix AI dive computer is a technical dive computer designed for open-water recreational diving. It is compatible with air, enriched air, nitrox, and three-gas diving. It has advanced features to handle a variety of dive scenarios, including nitrox and closed-circuit rebreather diving. It is capable of calculating total ascent time and gas mix required to reach the surface. It also allows the diver to adjust the gas mix at any time. This allows the diver to change the gas mix as soon as he notices a problem.

The Perdix AI dive computer was released in late 2016 and replaces the previous Perdix model. The new computer includes a wireless AI connection capability and can connect up to 2 transmitters. The Perdix AI also features a user interface that offers specific reporting features. The Perdix AI dive computer displays tank pressure, SAC rate, and Gas Time Remaining throughout a dive. This makes the computer the perfect dive tool for technical and recreational divers.

Shearwater dive computers are designed by divers for divers. They are made by technologists and engineers who are passionate about the sport. As a result, Shearwater dive computers offer excellent support and customer service. The software is easy to use and includes a full feature set. There are many options to choose from when choosing a computer for your needs.

Why are they called shearwaters?

Shearwater dive computers are built to withstand rough handling. In fact, the design is similar to a brick, which means that they are easier to handle in restricted areas. The Shearwater Perdix is one of the most popular diving computers on the market today. This article will give you the lowdown on Shearwaters.

The name Shearwater comes from the research and development conducted by Shearwater Research, a company that produces dive computers for recreational and technical divers. The company’s mission is to make a diving computer that will enhance the recreational diving experience. The company’s products are based on decompression models and designed with the recreational diver in mind.

The interface of Shearwater dive computers is the same as that of a Perdix dive computer set in recreational mode. The interface also includes gas-integration options and the ability to plug into a rebreather. Although, this dive computer is not recommended for divers without a rebreather. Another drawback of Shearwater dive computers is their end-cap, which is easy to lose.

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