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How to Choose a Roll Top Computer Desk

Roll top computer desks come in a variety of materials, so you can choose a piece that is aesthetically pleasing and durable. Cherry hardwood, for example, is an excellent choice for a small computer desk because it has a classic look. Another wood to consider is maple, which withstands constant use and wears exceptionally well.

Amish made

If you’re looking for a computer desk that offers quality construction and durability, you’ll want to look into an Amish made roll top computer desk. These desks are made of solid wood and come in several styles, including the popular 48″ Amish Standard Roll-Top Computer Desk. This desk features several drawers and compartments, as well as a locking top and raised panel sides. An optional hutch top is also available.

Amish furniture builders use a combination of old-world craftsmanship and modern equipment to create a desk that looks as good as it functions. They may use a wood lathe, mortiser, or table saw, as well as industrial-grade hand tools. These tools can include electric drills, routers, and jisaws.

You can choose from several styles and finishes for your Amish made roll top computer desk. They feature a single or double pedestal style, hutch top, secretary-style, and more. Amish furniture artisans also offer a variety of hardwood varieties. You can even have a custom-made desk based on your specifications and style preferences.


The built-in roll top computer desk is a versatile piece of furniture. This design features an internal cable tray that houses multiple outlets for power. It has slots for computer and printer cables, as well as a notch for lamp cables and speaker cables. The plans include detailed cabling instructions and plans.

A built-in roll top computer desk is a great option for those who want to store their computer and peripherals in an organized manner. This style of desk features a large space for devices, and comes in a traditional wood finish. Its large workspace is suitable for computers and laptops, and comes with two spacious storage compartments. Moreover, many of these models come with deep file drawers and are lockable for added security.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or antique style built-in roll top computer desk, you’ll find a wide range of styles and materials. Amish furniture artisans are known for making fine furniture that will stand the test of time, so you can feel confident knowing that your desk will look beautiful for many years to come. You can choose a desk in rustic cherry or oak, or one made of maple. There are also a variety of wood stains that can enhance the look of your desk.

Once you have the parts, you can start building the desk. The sides of the desk are made of three pieces, the outer pieces with curved edges. The inner bottom edge is rounded. A hidden cable tray can be placed on a wide shelf. The keyboard tray has an ergonomic keyboard and large space for a mouse or keyboard. You can even add a filler piece to the back part of the desk.

Cherry hardwood

If you are shopping for a roll top computer desk that is both beautiful and durable, a cherry hardwood model might be the perfect choice. This type of desk is made from cherry or maple wood and is made to last for many years. It features a pullout keyboard ledge, dovetailed drawers, and one file drawer. These desks can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

A cherry wood roll top computer desk can be the perfect accent piece for a modern office. This type of desk can also double as a room divider. The cherry finish brings out the graining and detailed graining in the wood. The desk is lacquered by hand and is finished to have a satiny feel.

A cherry hardwood roll top computer desk is a traditional choice for home or office use. It features a traditional style and is made from high-quality wood. Its ten drawers are lined with felt, and two of them have letter slots. The bottom drawer features an open shelf to accommodate large files. Turned-out legs ensure stability and durability. Its cherry finish will make any room look chic and stylish, and it will also add a touch of elegance to your workspace.

The dark cherry wood roll top desk is a great choice for a smaller room. It measures almost 40 inches tall and offers a 40 by 18 inch workspace. The desk also includes several drawers and storage compartments. It is also available in burnished walnut and harvest oak colorations. The desk also comes with a built-in keyboard tray and a writing utensil drawer. The 54 by 28 inch solid worktop is spacious enough for most laptops.

Tung oil

Tung oil is a natural finish for wood that gives it a rich, dark look. It’s suitable for a variety of wood types and surfaces and builds a uniform protective film. You should apply it along the grain of the wood to achieve the desired finish. After you’ve applied the finish, you can lightly sand the surface to remove any excess.

Tung oil is a transparent oil that requires multiple coats to give the wood its deep, rich color. It takes a long time to penetrate the wood, but when it dries it gives it a nice, glossy finish. It gives your furniture a rich look and adds a natural sheen to the wood. Applying eight coats of the oil will give the wood a nice glossy finish.

Tung oil can also protect the interior woodwork from water and moisture. It works as a waterproof coating and prevents water molecules from penetrating the wood’s surface. However, Tung oil is not suitable for all types of wood, and it must be applied evenly to avoid unevenness.

Tung oil is not a suitable finish for heavy-duty furniture such as a roll-top computer desk. However, it can bring out the natural beauty of wood by bringing out the color and grain of the wood. If you do decide to use tung oil, be sure to apply a top coat of varnish to protect the finish from fading. Tung oil is a very green and eco-friendly product that is free from VOCs.

Cable tray

If you’ve got a roll top computer desk, a cable tray is a good option to keep computer cables organized. Besides providing storage space, it braces the base. You can buy a cable tray or make one out of scrap wood. The cable tray should be angled forward so that it doesn’t pinch cables. It’s also a good idea to attach the cable tray with screws at the ends and the center.

There are many types of cable trays that can help you organize your wires. One of these is the Yacaye cable raceway, which provides easy cable management and directs wires to the ground. It has six cable organizers that are each about 15.7 inches long, allowing you to store a large amount of wires in a small area. This cable tray also encourages users to organize their cables vertically and horizontally, instead of clumping them all together.

Another option is the Reflying 15.7″ Cable Management Tray. This cable tray has a solid metal construction and numerous grater-style openings to keep the cables neat and organized. This tray is also removable and comes in black, silver, and white. In addition to its cable management features, the Reflying 15.7″ Cable Management Tray is also a great choice if you’re looking for a sleek and organized setup without the use of screws.

Adding a cable tray to your roll top computer desk will improve your workspace. By keeping the cables organized, you will be able to keep your desktop clutter-free and productive. The cable organizer tray is a great option because it is small, compact, and easily hidden under your desk. However, it can also become unstable if you add too much weight to it.

Keyboard shelf

A keyboard shelf is a convenient way to keep your computer accessories within easy reach. These shelves are typically 23″ wide and 16″ deep, extending 16-1/2″ from the front edge of the desk. You can also add a cable tray, which braces the base of the desk and has room for tie wrapped out of sight cables.

The keyboard shelf rests on a pair of heavy-duty drawer guides. The guides must stop with the front edge of the tray aligned with the False Shelf Edge pieces. The front edge of the keyboard tray is held against the sides of the shelves by spring force. The top of the keyboard shelf is 1 inch thick, and the back and bottom boxes are attached to the top with desk-top fasteners. The back box is made of plywood and has notches for cables.

The keyboard shelf is typically sized to accommodate large ergonomic keyboards. The front pieces of the keyboard shelf have curved front edges, whereas the sides are flat. The bottom part of the keyboard shelf is made of three pieces that fit together in a T shape. The sides of the desk are joined by a Guide Mount, which covers gaps between them and holds the keyboard tray in place.

A keyboard shelf on a roll top computer desk is a practical way to keep your keyboard and mouse at the ready. These shelves are designed to provide ample space for your computer accessories. A keyboard shelf is also useful for storing media and books. A keyboard shelf will help you keep your desk organized and free from clutter.

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