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Mac Star Computers and Camera Store

Mac Star Computers and Camera Store offers a wide selection of computer and camera products from leading brands. The store also carries gaming PCs and Mac computers. Whether you’re looking to buy a new Mac or upgrade your current computer, Mac Star Computers and Camera Store has all of your needs covered.

Anaheim location

The Anaheim location of Mac Star Computers and Camera Store carries the top brands of cameras and lenses. The store also sells a wide variety of Mac computers and gaming pcs. The company’s goal is to provide each customer with the best products at the best price. It also strives to give customers the best service possible.

If you’re in the Anaheim area, you can visit the Mac Star Computers store located in the Brookhurst Shopping Center. The store’s address is 921 S Brookhurst St. The store also offers computer repairs and leasing services. It also accepts credit cards and curbside pickup.

$1.2 million in revenues

Apple’s Mac computers generate more than $1.2 million a quarter, and they’ve made a lot of money for Apple. In the third quarter of 2021, the company sold more than eight million units. The revenue from Apple’s Mac products can be broken down into three categories: products, non-software services, and software upgrades.

Power Computing was the star attraction at the 1996 Macworld trade show in San Francisco. After Apple decided to cancel an appearance, Power Computing snapped up a prime exhibiting space and paid $30,000 to be the first to showcase a Mac. The company’s new model was based on a PowerPC 601 processor and the PCI expansion bus. It was also compatible with VGA-style monitors.

Camera store

If you’re in the market for a new camera or lens, you can’t go wrong by visiting Mac Star Computers and Camera Store. They carry the top brands in cameras, lenses, and gaming pcs. Plus, they have a huge selection of Apple products, too!

Mac Star Computers and Camera Store is located at 933 S Brookhurst St in Anaheim, California. This location specializes in computer parts and repairs, camera equipment, drones, and leasing services. They’ve also received over two hundred and twenty three customer reviews. They also accept credit cards and offer curbside pickup.

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