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Choosing an Insurance Lawyer

Whether you are an insurance policyholder or you are defending yourself against an insurance claim, you need a good insurance lawyer. This is the best way to ensure that you get the best service for your needs.

Defending policyholders against claims

Defending policyholders against claims by an insurance lawyer involves a wide variety of legal issues. They vary widely and may involve conflicts of interest.

In California, for example, civil code section 2860 addresses the potential for conflicts. In addition, Florida has passed legislation requiring insurers to provide independent counsel.

However, it’s important to understand how the duty to defend works and what a policyholder’s rights are in the defense process. The insurer has a duty to defend, but that doesn’t mean it’s always guaranteed to pay for the defense.

If an insurance company denies a claim, the policyholder can bring a lawsuit against the insurance company. This could result in a settlement, in which the insurer pays the plaintiff’s damages, but not the attorney’s fees. If the insurer denies the claim, the policyholder can also file a declaratory judgment action. The declaratory judgment action will help the policyholder recoup their attorneys’ fees.

Another way an insurer can deny a claim is to use a “reservation of rights” letter. This letter outlines a variety of defenses. It can also be used to challenge the denial decision in court. However, an insurer is obligated to provide independent counsel to defend an insured.

The insurance policy must state that the insurer has a duty to defend. In most cases, this duty is broader than the duty to indemnify. In addition, the insurer must investigate the claim to determine whether it is covered by the policy.

The insurer’s duty to defend ends when the lawsuit is resolved within the policy limits. However, the insurer may choose to continue to defend the insured in litigation.

The insurer can only deny a claim if there is a reasonable basis to do so. The insurer may also be obligated to defend an insured even if evidence later shows that the coverage does not apply.

Product liability, fraud, insolvency

Using the right insurance lawyer for product liability, fraud and insolvency matters is a smart move. These professionals can guide you through the maze of bureaucracy and help you find the insurance solutions that are right for your business. The team at Pillsbury has a reputation for being on the ball and informing clients of best practices and strategies to mitigate risks. They also provide compliance counseling. The product liability team is part of the acclaimed Insurance Recovery & Advisory practice. They have a stellar track record of securing the best possible coverage for their clients. They have a highly trained staff of professionals who are ready to advise clients about best practices, legal pitfalls and insurance policies.

They are also happy to discuss the latest in legal technology, including cloud based document and record keeping, to keep your business in the know. The products and services they provide also come with a money back guarantee, in case you aren’t satisfied with the coverage. The team at Pillsbury is also well versed in insurance claims, product liability and compliance issues, and litigation matters. These include claims arising from personal injury, auto accidents, product liability, product recalls and wrongful death. A full service team of legal experts, including attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants, is on hand to advise clients. Their offices are conveniently located throughout the country, including in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Washington D.C., and Miami. They are also highly responsive to clients’ needs and demands. The team at Pillsbury is one of the most respected and sought after firms in the industry. A plethora of clients is testament to this.

Energy, environment, construction

Whether you are seeking a lawyer to represent your energy, environment, or construction interests, a Chambers-ranked team will provide you with cutting-edge strategic guidance. These attorneys have a wealth of experience representing clients in the energy and construction industries. Their extensive transactional experience, combined with their nationally recognized litigation track record, allows them to provide clients with unparalleled strategic guidance.

The Energy Law Firm handles regulatory matters before a variety of federal agencies, including the US Department of Transportation, the Department of Interior, the US Department of Energy, and the US Department of Environmental Protection. Our attorneys also represent clients before the US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, the US Surface Transportation Board, and the US Army Corps of Engineers, among others. We handle matters before the US National Park Service and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. This experience, combined with our Chambers-ranked energy team, allows us to handle the complexities of global regulation.

Our team has represented clients in a variety of industries, including oil and gas companies, banks, hotels, water utilities, and insurance companies. We have successfully represented clients in cases involving oil and gas, water and wastewater, power generation, oil refineries, and industrial facilities. Our experience also includes representing clients in complex litigation, including litigation involving insurance coverage and bad faith claims. We have 38 years of experience in complex litigation and have a wide range of experience involving both environmental and insurance coverage matters.

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