how to track iphone location

How to Track iPhone Locations

Whether you’re looking for ways to track iPhone locations, or you want to know how to monitor someone else’s mobile device, there are a lot of options available. Here are a few of the top apps that can help you do it.

Find My Friends app

Using the Find My app on your iPhone, you can share your location with friends and family. However, how much data is being transmitted and how long is your location being recorded?

It’s possible to share your location for an hour, a day, or indefinitely. You can also use the app to receive notifications when a friend arrives or leaves a particular area.

The Find My app is available for iPad and iPhone users. The app is tied to Activation Lock, so anyone using your iPhone without your Apple ID can’t access it. You can set a passcode to prevent this from happening.

The Find My app also features a map that shows the last known location of your device. You can also play sound from the device. This can damage your ears, however.

The Find My app is also bundled with the iPhone operating system. It features a large green circle with a small blue dot inside of it. If you tap on the dot, it will open up directions to your location.

Another nice feature of the app is the fact that you can track the location of friends and family without using cellular data. This can be useful if you’re out and about and don’t have a GPS signal to help you find your way home. You can also use Find My to check the time your friend is expected to arrive or leave a certain location.

The Find My app also features an ingenious touch screen feature that allows you to tap a contact’s name to display the location of that person. This feature is useful if you want to avoid having a friend or family member see where you are.


Using the app Safespy, you can track iPhone location without the owner’s knowledge. The application will collect real-time data and keep track of the target iPhone. It will also allow you to set up geofences. These boundaries will alert you when the user crosses the boundary. You can also filter data according to location, recency, and frequency of visit.

In order to use Safespy, you will need to set up a free account. You will also need to create a password that is strong enough to protect your private data. You will then be sent a verification code by email. Once you enter the code, you will be able to set up your account.

Once you have set up your account, you will be able to access the Safespy dashboard. It will take a few minutes to load. At this point, you will be able to view the location of the target iPhone, check messages, check browsing history, and other useful features. You can also choose the premium plan to get more features.

If you are looking for a reliable phone spy app, Safespy is one of the best choices. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. This application is also compatible with Android and iPhone.

You can also choose from the three different membership plans. Each plan is designed to provide you with different deliverables. They are Basic, Family, and Premium. Each of these plans has its own benefits. For example, the Basic plan will offer you the basic features of Safespy. These features include access to all data, tracking and monitoring activities of a target iPhone. The premium plan will allow you to track multiple devices.


Using Spyine, you can easily track iPhone location without touching the device. It’s a simple, web-based application that uses advanced technology to deliver real-time monitoring updates. In addition, you can track contact frequency, media files, web browser history, and more.

The application is available for both iOS and Android. You can download it from the Spyine website, and install it on your target device. There are no hidden costs, and it’s easy to set up. You can get started with a free account, or you can purchase a subscription based on the type of device you want to monitor. You can also set up a dashboard to track your device’s activity remotely.

You can also use Spyine to monitor your child’s movements. It has a geofencing feature that alerts you when your child enters a pre-defined area. The best part about Spyine is that it works on stock operating systems, so there’s no need to jailbreak your device.

It’s also easy to set up, and it works remotely. You can access Spyine from any web browser. Once you have installed the app, you can track your target’s phone in minutes.

Spyine also works with iCloud Backup to deliver real-time location data. It can even be used to catch employees passing on confidential information. The app also lets you monitor deleted apps.

Spyine’s website has a live demo that lets you try it out for free. It’s easy to install on iPhones and Android devices. It is also user-verified, meaning that you don’t have to worry about malware or canceled warranties. It’s a great way to give yourself peace of mind while ensuring your child is safe.


Using the InstaMapper GPS tracker is one way to track your iPhone’s whereabouts. It is a free application that is available for both Android and BlackBerry devices. This application can display the current location of your phone on an interactive Google map. In addition, this application also includes an application programming interface (API) that can be used to programmatically obtain real time GPS coordinates for a specific phone.

Using InstaMapper, you can track your iPhone’s whereabouts in real time. The application will send constant updates of your phone’s location to InstaMapper servers. In addition, this application can be configured to update your position every five minutes.

The InstaMapper application also features a stealth mode, which means that you can use the application without arousing suspicion. You can also use this application to detect and track a stolen iPhone.

The InstaMapper is a free application that lets you display your phone’s current location on an interactive Google map. In addition, it allows you to monitor other people’s activities, including their driving habits. It also includes a GPS tracker that can be used to monitor vehicles driven by company employees.

In addition, this application can also be used to monitor your teen’s driving habits. It can also be used to monitor your spouse’s cheating activities.

One of the coolest things about this application is that it can be used as a ping function, meaning that it can be activated remotely by a text message. It also has a data connection, which means that you can use the InstaMapper tracking software to monitor your employees on the go. In addition, you can also share the data with your family and friends.


Whether you need to monitor your child’s location, follow your spouse’s activities, or simply want to know where your loved ones are, Minspy can help you achieve your goals. The app is easy to use and install, and can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Minspy offers three subscription plans. With a premium plan, users can monitor one device for a month. They can also track multiple devices with a Family plan. Or they can even monitor a single device with the Corporate plan.

The app can be installed remotely from a web browser. Then, users can access data about their target device from a dashboard. The dashboard also shows the location of the device on an interactive 3D map. The app can be installed without rooting or jailbreaking the device.

Minspy has many features that make it one of the most reliable third-party apps on the market. Users can monitor their child’s location, read their real-time conversations, and monitor social media. In addition, Minspy can monitor a number of other features on the target device. It can also work in stealth mode. This makes the app nearly invisible.

Minspy is an ideal option for those without technical expertise. All you need is an Android or iOS device. You can even install the app with your Apple ID. The app can be installed on the target device with just a few clicks.

In addition, Minspy offers a free trial. If users are not satisfied with the service, Minspy offers a 50% refund. However, users will be refunded only after they contact customer support. The customer support team is available 24 hours a day. They are experienced and professional, and will respond to your queries within 48 hours.

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