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Geo Dis and TaiwanYello

Geo-Dis Energy Solutions is a company that specializes in energy efficiency. They provide a variety of solutions to help your organization make the most of your existing energy sources. These include the installation of solar panels and wind turbines. They also offer services to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and homes. To learn more, check out their website.


Geo-discussions are online forums that enable users to discuss geospatial topics. The format is flexible and includes features such as search and filtering of posts. Users can view threads and search posts using keywords, and the map module allows users to perform simple map searches and retrieve the attributes of geographical features. An exemplary use case is threads on the revitalization of downtown Poznan, Poland. Geo-discussions build on pre-existing geo-questionnaires.

Map module for geo-discussions

Using a map module for geo-discussion can be a powerful tool in fostering discussion and collaboration. While some computer tools support design-related discussions, many others do not. In many cases, geo-discussions are asynchronous, and they do not take place in the same room. Using an argumentation map for such a discussion combines the benefits of rigorous argumentation modeling with detailed geographic location.

A geo-discussion is an online discussion or survey using maps and geographical data. This type of discussion uses the combined analytical and deliberative functions of online tools to improve the quality of decision-making. In some countries, such as Finland, geo-discussion is called softGIS survey.


If you’re looking for Geo Dis answers, you have come to the right place. TaiwanYello is a site that allows you to ask questions of companies and get answers. These questions are answered by people in the company as well as other users. You can search for the company on TaiwanYello by using a phrase, advanced search, saved search query, or multiple criteria. You can also create a page yourself and post questions and answers that you’d like to see answered on the site.

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