Disease history tarkov

How to Complete the Disease History Tarkov Quest in Escape From Tarkov

You’re probably wondering, how can I complete the Disease history tarkov? Here are a few tips for completing this quest. First of all, you need to be aware of the key you need for the RB-KSM. This will make the whole process of completing the task easier.

How do you complete disease history tarkov?

One of the toughest quests in Escape from Tarkov is the Disease History task. To complete it, you must find two keys and two Medical Records. These items can be found in the Reserve area. Once you locate them, you will need to give them to the Therapist. You can only find these items in the Reserve if you have the keys with you. If you don’t have them, you can get them from the Health Bar.

What keys do you need for Disease history tarkov?

The Disease History quest in Escape from Tarkov requires you to acquire two keys, the RB-SMP and the RB-KSM keys. These keys are needed for unlocking the medical records. To get the keys, you must first find the required location and then collect the required item.

Where is disease history tarkov?

The first step in solving the Where is disease history Tarkov? task is to obtain the RB-SMP key and RB-KSM key. The two keys are needed to unlock the medical records. You can acquire them by visiting the Reserve. Once you have them, you must give them to the Therapist to unlock the medical records.

How do I get RB-KSM key tarkov?

The Disease History task in Escape From Tarkov is one of the hardest tasks in the game. This is because it requires you to get two keys and two Medical Records. The keys can be found in the Reserve, but you need to give them to the Therapist in order to unlock the records.

First, you must find the Medical Record. This can be found in two locations: the first is the White Bishop building located near Reserve. The second one is in the same building and can be found on the bottom right corner of the room. The second one is inside a green cabinet.

How can I get RB-SMP key?

RB-SMP keys open the doors to the Federal State Reserve Agency base Military unit headquarters’ medical storage room. These keys are useful for top-up medical items, like Augmentin and Vitalis. They are found outside the White Rook and two Barrack Buildings.

You can find both keys in the same building. The RB-SMP key opens a room on the second floor of the Bishop building. The RB-KSM key opens a room that contains loose loot, like grenades and ammo crates. You can find the key in the back of a generic in Interchange. The RB-RH key opens a weapon rack on the third floor of the Queen building. Having the key in hand, you can open the box.

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