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The Department of Computer Science at West Chester University

The Department of Computer Science at West Chester University offers a number of courses that are relevant to the computer industry. These include security in mobile ad hoc networks, Intrusion detection, Cloud Computing, Wireless Sensor Network, and Data Mining. Students can earn a Cyber-security certification or work towards a cybersecurity-related career. The University also offers an Internship program.

Courses offered by computer science west chester universtiy

Students may earn a certificate in computer science at West Chester University. It is possible to apply the course credits toward an undergraduate degree, but it is not mandatory. It is also possible to earn a master’s degree in computer science. To earn the certificate, students must complete an application form and submit two letters of recommendation. They must also complete a computer-based or internet-based TOEFL exam.

Computer science courses are offered in undergraduate, graduate, and professional development levels. The department offers a master’s degree in computer science and several graduate professional development certificates. The master’s degree is for students who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and want to further their education. Certificate programs usually require a special sequence of prerequisite courses. Students may also enroll in 500-level electives to learn more about a broad range of computer science subjects.

The curriculum includes an emphasis on computer security. Courses cover the basics of computer programming, operating systems, and systems security. Students are expected to spend half of their classes in the lab and complete projects that illustrate how systems work. Students also learn how to use script languages to extend the capabilities of the systems they study.

Students who are interested in learning more about programming languages can take the CSC 241 course. This course teaches fundamental computer programming concepts including data structures and algorithms. It also covers introductory topics in computer architecture. Students learn how to build simple assemble languages using a C compiler.

Students can also choose to pursue a graduate degree in computer science. There are four 500-level courses to choose from. The first two are general overviews, while the fourth is a specialization. These courses are required for students interested in a career in computer science. In addition, there are also elective courses.

The computer science major offers an interdisciplinary program in computing. Students can focus on the sciences and apply them to a wide range of areas. For example, students may specialize in geospatial technology or analytics.


The Westchester University computer science department is a part of the College of Sciences and Mathematics, providing students with a variety of degree programs. It has 11 permanent faculty and more than 500 students. Its mission is to provide students with innovative instruction, accessible scholarship, and novel research. The department offers undergraduate minors and professional development certificates in computer science.

The University offers a variety of online degree programs. The online master’s degree program is one example. Students may choose to pursue a degree in computer science while maintaining their current jobs. The school has a rolling admissions deadline for online education degree programs. Most online courses are recorded and archived.

The university offers a variety of undergraduate degree programs, as well as graduate programs. The university offers paraprofessional programs in law, medicine, and theology. Students can also enroll in a 3-2 dual degree program with a medical school. In addition, the school offers special admission opportunities to its Widener School of Law-Harrisburg Campus.

Westchester University is a large public university in suburban West Chester, Pennsylvania. It has an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 17,669 students. The university is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The university offers 50 bachelor’s degree programs and has a student-faculty ratio of 19:1. The cost of tuition and fees for out-of-state students is $22,241.

Cyber-security certification

If you’re looking for a great place to get a computer science degree, you might want to consider the Westchester Community College Cybersecurity Center. This program offers a variety of courses in computer security, ranging from the basics of operating systems to the latest practices for managing cyber-attacks. Students can also gain skills in securing business information.

This department is accredited by the National Security Agency for its cyber-security education programs. It offers both a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a certificate in cyber-security. The bachelor’s degree program is designed to prepare students for a career in computer science, whether in the field or at graduate school. It also offers two minor degrees for students who do not plan to pursue a computer science degree, including the Minor in Information Technology.

Cybersecurity is a critical issue in today’s world. Nearly every organization has to consider information security. Cyber-security certificates can help prepare people for leadership roles in the industry. In addition, they are an efficient way to learn the basic concepts of information security. These certificate programs typically take fewer classes than degrees and are more focused on particular aspects of the field.

For students looking to gain cyber-security skills after college, there are several opportunities for scholarship funding. The CyberCorps Scholarship for Service, for example, offers full-ride funding and a $32,000 stipend. After graduating from the program, students are expected to complete two years of federal service.

Westchester Community College is a non-residential school that offers cybersecurity certification courses. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and offers cyber-security certificates. It also has online and in-person classes. It is also recognized by the American Society for Information Security.

If you’re thinking of getting a cybersecurity certification, it’s important to know the basics of this field before you begin your career. Many employers prefer candidates with this certification. The program’s coursework covers information security fundamentals, such as encryption and network administration. It also offers a path to certification for graduate students.

Internship program

Westchester University offers an internship in computer science for students who are not majoring in computer science. Students can sign up for a part-time or full-time position. Students not pursuing a degree in computer science can use CSC 300 (3 credits) for the internship. Students who do major in computer science can take CSC 400 (6 credits), which counts as two credits toward their major requirements and three credits toward general electives. Graduate students in computer science should enroll in CSC 605 (3 credits).

During an internship, students gain valuable experience through the direct supervision of an experienced professional. The program provides students with practical knowledge of a specific field and can help students to make professional connections. However, it is important to note that an internship is not a very structured experience. This is because it is designed to meet the needs of the department, its clientele, and its student intern. Internships also require students to identify their developmental needs and abide by the rules of professional ethics.

Westchester University has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in computer science and for graduate study. Students can also earn a computer security certificate, which is recognized by many employers and can be included on their transcripts. Whether students pursue the program for career purposes or to further their education, Westchester University offers a wide variety of internship opportunities to help them meet their professional goals.

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